Between man and wife, Dought & clear, - * He wants his wife to break her fast and make it up later for no reason
Engagment, - Dought & clear, - * Should she marry a man who is a carrier of the lassaemia?
Engagment, - Dought & clear, - * Her father engaged her to him, then her father died and her paternal uncles want to change the agreement
Engagment, - Dought & clear, - * How can a man know if a woman will be a loving and fertile wife before marriage?
* She learned of some faults in her fiancé and prayed istikhaarah about annulling the engagement, but it was not easy for her to do so ▓███▓ * She used to sit with him and his wife, and he decided to marry her and divorce his wife!
* How should he tell her that he wants to marry her?
* She didn’t feel any interest in a person who wants to marry her; should she pursue the matter?
* She has received a proposal from a young man who works as a producer for magazine programs on television
Women Who are Forbidden for Marriage, Dought & clear, - * The sister of the wife’s grandfather and the sister of her grandmother are mahrams to the husband just as her paternal aunt and maternal aunt are mahrams to him
* He had intercourse with his wife, thinking that dawn had not yet broken
* Ruling on speaking toone’s fiancée, - * Is it obligatory for the fiancé or fiancée to tell the other that he or she has diabetes?
* He had intercourse with his wife when she was making up a Ramadaan fast.What should they do?
* Intercourse during Ramadaan - * He had intercourse with his wife when the muezzin was giving the call to Fajr prayer
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Hatred in Islam, Diseases of the Soul
- PUBLISHED by" NajimudeeN_M-INDIA "http://google.com
Insecure love or true love..!

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Hi i am 19 yr old, i love a 20 yr old guy whom i call caro. He is really very adorable... our parents were fly friends.. His parents were very cool n loving.. i knew them for almost 4 yrs but just 8 months back i became friendly with caro n fell in love with him.. :) i confessed my love for love for him but he gave no reply... he still behaved the same way he used to, he didn't change even a bit after knowing my feelings for him.. It was very confusing and i wasn't able to understand what was going on in his mind and what he felt about me.. A month later something happened n his parents stoped talking to mine, things changed, he was asked not to talk to any1 of us, yet he used to talk to me and i was unaware of that. Once we went for a movie and aunty came to know about it, she called me up n said that,"like a mother i'm telling you, stop all this n i know u will obey like a daughter". She had also taken away caro's mbl n sent him abroad..!! For a month v dnt tlk, later on i contactd him through fb, he replied... v were just tlking as friends then... When he came bck to india i askd him wat he felt abt me?? he said he is nt ready for a relationship nw n dat we will stay as friends for nw..! i askd him wat abt the future? wil he evr b ready to be in a relationship with me?? he said he doesnt knw n dat i shouldnt b thinking abt it nw..! he still dnt knew dat his mum had askd me to stop tlking to him n his dad had called up home to tell my parents to break all the relations with them...! i askd him if i should wait for him to be ready or forget abt him? he told me dat he is nt ready for a relationship nw n he cannot tell anything else... a few days back i told him everything abt wat had happnd wen he wasnt here, he said he was unaware of all dis..! i told him i didnt wanna loose him, he said pray n everything will b alright.. he still tlks to me, wenevr i tell him i love him he eithr doesnt reply or just smiles..! i dnt knw wat he feels abt me!! aftr knwing dat our parents dnt want us to tlk yet he tlks to me.. he never stoped me from loving him...! he is really very nice n understanding bt i dnt knw wat should i do..! i dnt knw if these r his signs of gently telling me dat he doesnt love me coz he is too good to break my heart or a sign dat he may fall in love with me..! m risking my life for him n i dnt evn knw if he'l stand by be when his parents come to knw dat i still tlk to him..! i really love caro alot n hope that he does tell me soon abt his feelings for me n nt kip me waiting in hopes more..!
- PUBLISHER - - - - - - - - "Prof.Dr.M. NajimudeeN. Phd- INDIA"
Dua - '' All praise is due to Allah'. May peace and blessings beupon the Messenger, his household and companions '' - - - O Allah, I am Your servant, son of Your servant, son of Your maidservant; my forelock is in Your hand; Your command over me is forever executed and Your decree over me is just; I ask You by every name belonging to You that You have named Yourself with, or revealed in Your book, ortaught to any of Your creation, or have preserved in the knowledge of the unseen with You, that You make the Qur'an thelife of my heart and the light of my breast, and a departure for my sorrow and a release from my anxiety. • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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We narrate to you the best of narratives, by Our revealing to you this Qur'an, though before this you were certainly one of those who did notknow. (Noble Qur'an 12:3)
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Between man and wife, Dought & clear, - * Intercourse during Ramadaan
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